My First Blog Post Ever

I have never really had the desire to write a blog until this year. There isn’t really anything exciting that urged me to start writing one but I do enjoy writing and if anything, it will provide some bedtime reading material for you! I also did a poll on Instagram (because how can you make any major decision without doing so) and lots of people voted in favour of me doing a blog and some even sent me some messages telling me to ‘just do it already’.

If you’ve been following Rustic Rose for three years or three days, you might know that it is handmade and handcrafted western jewelry and apparel. Aside from the stylish products that are for sale, it is a platform for me to gab about the  rural/western/agricultural community but before that it really was just stylish (and affordable) western jewelry (before the apparel came along).

By the way, I am Beth. I run Rustic Rose but I’ll save my introduction for another blog post.

If you haven’t heard the story of how Rustic Rose came to be, I will fill you in. I was headed out to the Medicine Hat Broncs N’ Honky Tonks Rodeo with some girlfriends. We did as most flocks of college-aged girls do and we began planning our outfits out a few weeks before the event. Our college budgets didn’t allow us to shop the high fashion online western boutiques but rather we were limited to sale racks and what was already in our closets. While planning my outfit and humming and hawing between this fringe cardigan and that fur vest (fully knowing I would end up wearing a black t-shirt and jeans) with this pair of shoes and that pair of jeans, I realized my jewelry options were really lacking. Well, I probably had enough jewelry for at least a few weeks of different outfits, but I needed something new and *fabulous*. I headed out to find the perfect piece for my outfit and I had only one criteria: it had to be turquoise, obviously. So I did what any broke college student would do, I stole it.

I am totally kidding. I have never stole anything from a store (my sister’s closets are a totally different story though).

I went to the nearest Michaels (here marks the beginning of my Michaels addiction. I really should dedicate this post to the cashiers who see me there wayyy too often) and grabbed a premade chain and a handful of beads and a few different pendants. I left the store excited to craft something fabulous that looked exactly like the $800 genuine turquoise necklaces- boy was I in for a surprise! I got home and got to work.

I quickly realized my fingers weren’t strong or small enough so I headed back to Michaels to get pliers.

I got home again, and got to work.

This part is kind of blurry but I just imagine a lot of small beads flying and me pinching my fingers with the pliers. Regardless, I managed to create something that was an upgrade from the last macaroni necklace I crafted.

It was time to go out to the rodeo, drink whiskey out of red solo cups, dance to Shania Twain, stare at cute cowboys- the usual. And we did just that. The next day we did as any group of girls does after a major event; we posted a photo on social media (and we all looked great). My necklace happened to be front and centre in the photo.

The next day I woke up to over ONE THOUSAND notifications on my phone, the photo had gone viral!! Western fashion bloggers across North America were reposting it with the caption #needthisinmylife, numerous angel investors left me voicemails offering me millions of dollars for a part of my business and Ellen Degeneres wanted to interview me. 

Just kidding, my mom commented and so did a few friends. While my mom’s comment went on about how I am her favourite daughter (I really hope my sister’s don’t read these), some friends and acquaintances were asking about the necklace and how they could get their hands on one.

Here marks the beginning of Rustic Rose.

And here is my first official blog. In my upcoming blogs you can expect to learn more about me, my journey as an entrepreneur, things that happen on the farm and maybe even I will share my famous nuts and bolts recipe. If you are looking for runway-ready fashion advice (farm hair is fashion, isn’t it?), 10 foolproof steps on how to start a successful business, accounting advice, or my deepest and darkest secrets- you have the wrong place.

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