All Rustic Rose apparel is drop-shipped (shipped to you directly from our printers) which can result in multiple shipments.

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Growing Up I wanted to be a Professional Dog Walker

I think it’s safe to say that you can’t plan to be an entrepreneur and I say that because every entrepreneur is so different and always evolving. Rustic Rose started like many businesses do; a solution to a problem. I never planned to run my own business, although I never had ruled it out. The timing was great for me as I was (and still am) in school for Business. I am able to apply the things I am learning in class to my business and suck valuable wisdom out of my instructors (shameless plug: the instructors at Medicine Hat College are phenomenal). I will say though, I didn’t pay enough attention in my Accounting classes and that one has...

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My First Blog Post Ever

I have never really had the desire to write a blog until this year. There isn’t really anything exciting that urged me to start writing one but I do enjoy writing and if anything, it will provide some bedtime reading material for you! I also did a poll on Instagram (because how can you make any major decision without doing so) and lots of people voted in favour of me doing a blog and some even sent me some messages telling me to ‘just do it already’. If you’ve been following Rustic Rose for three years or three days, you might know that it is handmade and handcrafted western jewelry and apparel. Aside from the stylish products that are for...

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