Growing Up I wanted to be a Professional Dog Walker

I think it’s safe to say that you can’t plan to be an entrepreneur and I say that because every entrepreneur is so different and always evolving. Rustic Rose started like many businesses do; a solution to a problem. I never planned to run my own business, although I never had ruled it out. The timing was great for me as I was (and still am) in school for Business. I am able to apply the things I am learning in class to my business and suck valuable wisdom out of my instructors (shameless plug: the instructors at Medicine Hat...

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My First Blog Post Ever

I have never really had the desire to write a blog until this year. There isn’t really anything exciting that urged me to start writing one but I do enjoy writing and if anything, it will provide some bedtime reading material for you! I also did a poll on Instagram (because how can you make any major decision without doing so) and lots of people voted in favour of me doing a blog and some even sent me some messages telling me to ‘just do it already’. If you’ve been following Rustic Rose for three years or three days, you...

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